Name: Ben
Japanese name: ベン
Sex: Male
Breed: Great Dane

Ben is the father of Ken, George and Miney. He is blind and lives in Kofu with his mate Cross. Lately, Ben has been tortured with nightmares and he keeps thinking that there is something wrong in Ou.

After bumping into Rocket, Jet and Missile, Ben follows their trail and finds his old friend, John dead (killed by Hougen). He carries John home to the village where Ben's owner, Iguchi, bury him.

Afterwards, Ben decides together with his mate that they have to go to Ou. On the way, they meet Akame who tells them about Weed and the threat Hougen is in Ou. Akame takes the two to a hideout, where they stay until Akame take them to Weed's base.

During the final battle against Hougen, Ben is badly wounded. Hougen attacks him and bites his head hard. However, Ben shakes him off and survives.

Ben dies from old age and his death is mourned by the entire Ou army.