Name: Bozlef
Japanese name: ボズレフ
Sex: Male
Breed: German shepherd

Bozlef is a German Shepherd and brother of Victor. When he arrives at Hokkaido, he meets Maxim who takes him to Victor. While Maxim is send out to find the Ou army's base, Bozlef stays with Victor to plan their quest of ruling Hokkaido.

When Victor traps Gin's group in a gorge, Bozlef is set to guard the end of the gorge, while Victor himself guards the front.

As Gin's group is weakened, Bozlef coordinates an attack on the trapped Ou army. Bozlef enters the fight himself, but gets caught in the jaws of Jaguar. Jaguar slams Bozlef against the gorge wall and kills him by crashing his skull.