Name: Chourou (Elder)
Japanese name: 長老
Sex: Male
Breed: Shikoku-ken

Chourou was one of the old Koga soldiers who were under the lead of the deceased Kurojaki. He has a burning hate for the Ou soldiers and everything related to them, as he blames them for Kurojaki's death. After Kurojaki's death, Chourou stayed in the Koga territory and lead the remaining Koga dogs. When Kurojaki's son Tesshin returned, Chourou left Tesshin in charge but kept working as a guide.

He encourages Tesshin to fight Weed, but after a while Tesshin and Weed accepts each other. Tesshin leaves with Weed.
When he returns, Chourou is terrified by the sight of Tesshin and Weed being good friends. He tries to commit suicide by jumping out from a cliff. Weed's group saves him by grapping his legs before he falls into certain death. Chourou then accepts Weed and allows Tesshin to join the Ou army in the battle against Hougen.

Chourou stays in the Koga territory and takes care of the youngest members of Weed's pack, among them the mixed breed, Teru. As the experienced dog he is, he teaches the youngsters all the tricks he know and make them become great ninja fighters.

In the Hokkaido arc, the Kishu, Kyoushiro returns to find out that Teru has become a strong ninja fighter. Chourou allows the now trained youngsters to join the Ou army, while he stays behind in peace in the Koga territory.