Name: GB (Great Britain)
Japanese name: GB
Sex: Male
Breed: English setter

GB used to be a pet dog. He lived a happy and safe life, until his owner committed suicide from depression. As an ambulance came to take the dead body away, GB followed the car. He almost got his by a truck, but was saved in the very last minute by the Ou soldier, Smith.

Without a master and a purpose, GB became a runner under the command of Nero. A few years back, GB discovered some puppies in the mountains and decided to take them to Nero for protection. However, that very day, the leader of the Southern Alps, Hougen, had come down.
Hougen got furious when he saw the puppies, because he thought Nero's pack was keeping females from him. He commands Nero to kill the puppies right in front of GB. That memory kept haunting GB and reminded him of the coward he is.

GB decides to leave Nero when he meets the puppy, Weed. As Weed's mother, Sakura dies, GB promise to take care of Weed and guide him to the Ou mountains. During the journey, GB shows his true colors as a coward, who rather follows Weed to Ou to safe himself, than to help Weed.

GB is a very loyal dog, but not a good fighter. However, he sometimes shows that he has courage and a sense of justice too.

In the Monkey arc, Weed runs to the South to fight the Gelada Shougun, GB finds Buruge and takes him to the final battle, where they together fight the baboon general.

In the Hybrid bear arc, GB is wounded by the Hybrid bear as he tries to protect Sasuke and Weed's mate, Koyuki. He is carried to safety by Sasuke, but orders him to go back to the battle field. Here, GB attacks the Hybrid bear once more, trying to protect Weed. He manage to rip off one of the bear's toes before the bear's other paw hits him. His back gets sliced open by the Hybrid bear and GB dies from in injuries.