Name: Genba
Japanese name: 玄婆
Sex: Male
Breed: Great Dane

Genba is the brother of Hougen. When he and his brother were younger, they were abandoned in a kennel. They survived by eating the other dogs captured with them. In the end, they also ate their previous owner, when he came to feed the dogs.

One day, two police officers named Tanuma and Shouji Sudou enters the kennel. Genba and Hougen kill Tanuma and wounds Shouji Sudou. The two brothers then escape to the wild.

Genba is set out to conquer the fortress Gajou where he meets the Kai-kens Shouji, Shigure, Dodo and Buru, whom he and his soldiers defeat. Genba himself kills Shouji and guards Gajou until his brother arrives to take over the fortress.

After an encounter with Weed's group, Genba gets deadly wounded. He gets killed by his own brother, Hougen, who wants to end his suffering.