Name: Gosaru
Japanese name: 御猿
Sex: Male
Breed: Japanese Macaque

Gosaru is the eldest of a rebillion clan who want to end the rule of Shougun. He fears Yukimura and his troops and tries to avoid them. When the baby monkey, Pepe gets away, Gosaru searches for him and finds him at Yukimura's den.

He tries to convince Yukimura that he is not evil and that he will fight Shougun. Yukimura does not trust him and his troops throws down Gosaru and attacks him. Ishizaru, a member of the rebellion group, comes to the aid. He escapes and offers Weed hospitality because he had helped Pepe earlier.

The next day Gosaru tries to convince an old member of his pack, Tobizaru, to join the rebellion against Shougun. This turns into a fight and Gosaru is badly wounded. He is left in the forrest where Kyoushiro finds him and carries him to Weed.

He arrives in time to the final battle and swings a scythe in the head of Shougun. Yukimura then carries him away for safety reasons.

When he sees the courage of the dogs, he orders his group to attack for full speed. After Yukimura has Shougun to certain death, Gosaru beats him on the head just to make sure the monster is dead.