Name: Hakuro
Japanese name: 白狼
Sex: Male
Breed: Sibirian husky

Hakuro has returned to Hokkaido after the battle against Akakabuto. Here he rests and raise his children, while he rule over a large pack. He meets Weed's friend, Jerome and warns him about a Russian German Shepherd called Victor, who's invading on the island.

When he finds Jerome wounded by Victor, Hakuro helps him by leaving him in care of the Collie, Ram on a farm. After being attacked by Victor, Hakuro now takes action and plans an attack against the intruder.

However, Victor surprises them and ambush Hakuro with full force. Hakuro gets badly wounded, but fight fiercely to get rid of Victor's terrorizing once and for all. During the fight, Victor and Hakuro bash together in a deadly battle. Victor gets a hold of Hakuro's neck, but instead of surrendering, Hakuro tries to get free. He gets his main arteries ripped over and dies slowly from the huge loss of blood the damage did.