Name: Hitomi
Japanese name: ヒトミ
Sex: Female
Breed: Akita inu / Kishu mix

Hitomi used to be a pet dog. She was treated very poorly by her humans who in the end threw her away like yesterday's garbage. She started a live in the mountains, making sure to avoid humans.

Here, she meets the hunting dog, Joe and the two of them falls in love. Joe asks Hitomi many times to come and live together with him and his human, but Hitomi refuses. She has not forgotten how humans treated her the last time she had an owner.

Soon, Hitomi gives birth to four healthy puppies. The very same day, she was attacked and killed by the monstrous Hybrid bear. Three of her and Joe's puppies were killed too. Only a red puppy named Koujiro survived. His father, Joe took him to his owner where he was raised as a pet dog.