Name: Hook
Japanese name: フック
Sex: Male
Breed: Unknown

Hook was abandoned as a puppy and together with his brother, Kuro, he joined the three brothers Blue, Ned and Bell for protection. One day Hook's brother stood up against the three brothers and got killed for doing so. Hook escaped the three brothers and became a pet in the town nearby.

When Hook meets Weed he feels courage run through his veins and decides to take up the battle with the three brothers. He rounds up more dogs from the town and attacks. His mission succeeds when Blue runs out in front of a truck and gets run over.

Afterwards, Hook returns to his owner, but decides to follow Hougen's minions when they come to town to round up dogs. Hook hopes to be at use and gather important information for Weed. Here he met Sasuke whom he found out was also on Weed's side.
Hook becomes witness to the murder on the German shepherd, John and decides to join Weed's group to defeat John's killer, Hougen.

Hook stays a part of Weed's pack through-out the story.