Name: Hougen
Japanese name: 法玄
Sex: Male
Breed: Great Dane

Hougen is the brother of Genba. When he and his brother were younger, they were abandoned in a kennel. They survived by eating the other dogs captured with them. In the end, they also ate their previous owner, when he came to feed the dogs. One day, two police officers named Tanuma and Shouji Sudou enters the kennel. Genba and Hougen kill Tanuma and wounds Shouji Sudou. The two brothers then escape to the wild.

He now rounded up several soldiers to overthrow Gin and take over Ou himself. Hougen manage to capture and torture Gin tremendously. Also he kills John, Jet and Missile. He is very cold hearted and will not hesitate to kill his own soldiers if they disobey or betrays him. When Hougen's brother Genba has been deadly wounded by Weed’s pack, Hougen himself break his brother’s neck to finish his suffering.

Hougen's reign over Gajou doesn't last long, because the humans from Ou village blow up his fortress. When trying to escape, he gets attacked by Weed and Jerome and all of them fall of a cliff during the fight. He manages to escape Jerome and Weed, and tries to hide at a big dam.

However, Weed's troops are waiting for him and Hougen now has to face several members of his old pack – soldiers who has betrayed him to fight for Weed instead. They all attack him, but Hougen manage to throw down several of Weed’s pack members, until Weed himself gets a hold of his leg and pulls him down.

It is now only Hougen and Weed! They fight fiercely, but just when Hougen thinks he has won, the spirits of dead Ou soldiers emerge and start to confuse him. This gives Weed the chance to give him the final strike. Hougen doesn't die, but Weed lets him walk away. Near death, Hougen meets the police man whom he wounded such a long time ago.

The man shoot out Hougen’s brain and leave the dead dog in the mountains.