Name: Jerome
Japanese name: ジェロム
Sex: Male
Breed: German shepherd

Jerome was one of those guard dogs who should make sure that Kaibutsu didn't escape from the scientific institute. When Kaibutsu escapes anyway, Jerome and his soldiers does everything they can to stop him.

Jerome meets Weed in the mountains of Ou where he at once realizes that Weed is the son of Gin. He now tries to get Weed to join the fight against Kaibutsu and succeed. During the fight, Kaibutsu kills all of Jerome's soldiers and hurts Jerome badly. However, Kaibutsu is defeated and Jerome survives. He now join Weed's group to find and help Weed's father, Gin, the Great Leader of Ou.

As they learn that the tyran Hougen has captured Gin, he travels with Weed to create an army large enough to take down Hougen. On the journey, they run into one of Hougen's soon to be followers, Kamakiri. As some hunters shoots at Kamakiri and Weed's pack, Jerome gets shot in the leg and has to fight one of the humans' police dogs called Ron. Ron bites off Jerome's ear but looses the fight.

Jerome is known in the pack as the assassin, a name which he lives up to. When he discovers two of Hougen's spies, he kills them even though Weed told him to leave them alone. As a punishment, Weed sends him away from his pack. However, Jerome does not leave Weed entirely, but stays close in case something should happen

He is welcomed back when the fight against Hougen begins. Jerome and Weed are the first to feel Hougen's fangs and they are thrown into a roaring river. Here, Jerome nearly kills himself when trying to keep Weed's head above the water. Because of this, Jerome cannot participate in the final battle, but is brought to the human, Daisuke, for healing by Weed's friend GB.

After being healed and the death of Hougen, Jerome travels to the South. Here he encounters Yukimura, Weed's older brother. When Weed comes to search for Jerome, he too meets Yukimura. All of them joins forces and kill the Gelada general, Shougun who threatens to take over Yukimura's territory.

Again, Jerome manage to escape Weed and flee to Hokkaido where he hides in shame over his past (the episode where he killed Hougen's spies). In Hokkaido, Jerome meets the Siberian husky, Hakuro - an old Ou warrior. Hakuro tells Jerome to watch out, as Russians invaders threaten their land. Jerome doesn't listen very carefully and is soon face to face with one of the intruders, a female German shepherd called Lydia. Lydia lures him into an ambush where the leader of the intruders, a German shepherd called Victor, attacks him. Jerome is seriously wounded and taken hostage. Lydia tries to trick him into telling where Hakuro is hiding, but instead she's tricked by Jerome. He fakes the seriousness of his wounds and Lydia believes that there's no need to guide him.

Jerome escapes as soon as she has left and flees back to Hakuro who leaves him to recover at the Collie, Ram's home. When recovered, Jerome runs back to help Hakuro, only to find him killed by Victor. Unluckily, he bumps into Victor and is taken hostage once more. However, he is not killed since Lydia manages to convince Victor that they need Jerome alive.

Slowly, Jerome starts to fancy Lydia and they both fall in love. Victor leaves Jerome behind, guarded by Lydia. Suddenly, the Ou commander, Akame appears and followers Jerome and Lydia to the Ou army's base for safety. Jerome follows Gin's platoon when they are all taken hostages by Victor in a gorge.

Jerome fights along with the Ou army, as Victor's troops attacks. After Victor's death, Jerome stays near the Ou army along with his love, Lydia.

In the Hybrid bear arc, Jerome helps Joe and Weed defeat the Hybrid bear. They hold the bear's head as Weed perform the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, cutting his way to the bear's skull with his teeth. The bear, Jerome and Weed all fall into the roaring river below.
The last seen of the Hybrid bear, was that it drowning in the water and got stuck in one of the lock chambers in the dam below.

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