Name: Jet
Japanese name: ジェット
Sex: Male
Breed: Borzoi (Russian greyhound)

When Jet was a puppy, he and his brothers; Rocket and Missile, was abandoned by humans in the mountains close to Tokyo. They were accepted in a pack lead by the dog, Sunshiro. Later, the pack was taken over by the two Siberian huskies Hidari and Miki, who regularly beated up the Jet and his brothers.

One day, the two huskies wounded Rocket so badly that the old leader Sunshiro interfered and got killed. Before the old leader died, he told Jet and his brothers to live a life with a purpose.

The brothers now became runners for Hougen, as they thought of him as a strong leader. When Hougen sends them out to find Gin's son, Weed, the three brothers bump into Ben and Cross. They don't hurt them, but continue their hunt. As they snap Weed from his pack, GB and the rest attacks them.

Jet's older brother, Rocket decides to leave Hougen's army to join Weed. Jet and Missile therefore have to return empty handed and shameful to Hougen. As they return, they are accused of having committed mutiny and spying for the Ou army. Both of them are killed to set an example of what will happen to traitors in Hougen's pack.