Name: Joe
Japanese name:
Sex: Male
Breed: Akita inu / Kishu mix

Joe is the brother of Weed and Yukimura. When his mother, Sakura, got too sick to feed the three of them, the dog Saheiji took in Joe and Yukimura as her own sons. In the care of Saheiji, they move to the South of Japan. Here Joe and his brother Yukimura get attacked by monkeys. Joe is taken away by the monkeys, but saved by the human Ninomiya.

He stays with Ninomiya and becomes his hunting dog. He lives together with Joe, Guilder and Jack.
In the forest, Joe meets the former pet dog, Hitomi and the two of them falls in love. Joe asks Hitomi many times to come and live together with him and his human, but Hitomi refuses. Soon, Hitomi gives birth to four healthy puppies. The very same day, she was attacked and killed by the monstrous Hybrid bear. Three of her and Joe's puppies were killed too. Only a red puppy named Koujiro survived. His father, Joe took him to his owner where he was raised as a pet dog.

Joe has a burning hatred for the bears in the forest surrounding his home. One day in the forest, he meets the two Kishues, Kotetsu and Koyuki. He and his pack mates save the two dogs and his son, Koujiro from a bear that ambushed them. Shortly after, the group is joined by Weed who has come to search for Koyuki and Kotetsu. Weed, who thought Joe was dead, reunites with his long lost brother. However, Joe does not want to come with him to meet their father as he resent him for leaving Sakura alone in the Northern Alps so long ago.

Later the same day, Joe is send along with his pack mates to find a bear that has attacked a human. As they follow the scent, Joe is the first to attack the bear. His hatred for the creature overrules his cautiousness and he is sliced on the forehead by the bear's claws. Weed, who has followed Joe, grasps him in the air and saves him from being crushed by the bear.

Joe is then taken home to heal. Soon, he is joined by the dogs Liger and Knuckle who too have been wounded by a bear. As their condition improves, Joe, Liger and Knuckle escapes to join Weed and finish off the bears once and for all.
In the final battle against the monstrous Hybrid bear, Joe helps his owner by bringing him his riffle. He fight side by side with his brother, Weed, trying all of his attack maneuvers to kill the monster.

Weed arranges with Jerome and Joe a final attack on the monster. They hold the bear's head as Weed perform the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, cutting his way to the bear's skull with his teeth. The bear, Jerome and Weed all fall into the roaring river below.

Joe survives, but begins to cry blood as he and the entire pack believes that Weed and Jerome has been consumed by the water as well as the bear. He decides to follow Weed's group back to Ou and leaves his master.
The last seen of the Hybrid bear, was that it drowning in the water and got stuck in one of the lock chambers in the dam below.

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