Name: Kamakiri
Japanese name: カマキリ
Sex: Male
Breed: Irish wolfhound

Kamakiri is an Irish wolfhound that has been terrorizing most of Japan to make his own pack bigger. After an encounter with Weed's pack, he decides to join Hougen and become his platoon leader.

He is assigned the task of protecting Genba, but the platoon gets ambushed and Genba deadly wounded. Kamakiri then loses some of his credibility with Hougen and goes out to find and bring Weed to him as a gift. Weed fools him and Kamakiri has to return in shame.

Later, Kamakiri meets Toube, a platoon leader who Hougen banished, and he takes him back to Hougen. Kamakiri soon finds out that Toube is a traitor and he wounds him to the point of death.

Kamakiri gets killed by Hiro during a random search for the Ou fighters. They fight long, but Hiro rips off Kamakiri’s testicels and leave him bleeding and dying in the cold mountains.