Name: Kichinosuke
Japanese name: 吉之助
Sex: Male
Breed: Sibirian husky

Kichinosuke is the son of the Mutsu general Kisaragi. He has 19 brothers, where some of them are named Kogoro, Shinsaku, Shirosaku, Shintarou and Izou. During a bear hunt in Mutsu, Kichinosuke and five of his brothers meets Shigure who tells them of the opposing threat in Ou.

The Great Dane, Genba has killed Shigure's three brothers and taken over the fortress Gajou. They discuss the situation with their father, and Kichinosuke and five of his brothers follow Shigure to help in the fight against Hougen.

After Hougen's death, the brothers return to their father in Mutsu. However, they don't get peace for long. The Siberian husky, Hakuro is in trouble in Hokkaido and has send his son Susaku to ask for help. All the brothers and their father travel to Hokkaido to help their father's old friend in the battle against the Russian invader, Victor.

Nine of Kichinosuke's brothers were killed in battle.