Name: Koujiro
Japanese name: 幸四郎
Sex: Male
Breed: Akita inu / Kishu mix

Koujiro is the son of Joe and Hitomi. He is known by his characteristic red fur, similar to his uncle Yukimura and great grand father, Riki.
When Koujiro was born, his mother and three siblings were slained by the Hybrid bear. He now lives with Joe and his owner, Ninomiya.

A day in the forest, Koujiro meets the two Kishues, Koyuki and Kotetsu. He has killed Kotetsu's prey. As they discuss who the kill belongs to, they are ambushed by the Hybrid Grizzly bear. However, Koujiro's father is nearby and he, along with his pack mates, scares the bear off.

When the battle against the Hybrid bear begins, Koujiro is taken to safety in a cave along with Koyuki and Kotetsu. He survives the battle and joins Weed's pack along with his father.