Name: Kurotora
Japanese name: 黒虎
Sex: Male
Breed: Kai-ken

Kurotora is the only surviving Kai brother from the old Kai territory. He had two brothers, Akatora and Chutora, but both have been claimed by death. Kurotora has three sons: Harutora, Kagetora and Nobutora.

When he first hears about Weed, he is together with his sons and nephews Shigure, Shoji, Dodo and Buru, whom he took care of after their father, Chutora, died. Kurotora decides to go and defend the fortress Gajou together with his nephews. He orders his sons to stay with Kagetora and find Weed.

As Kurotora arrives at the fortress, the enemy Genba is approaching. Just before the fight, the Kishu, Akame arrives and pulls Kurotora out over a cliff and into a river (to spare him from the battle). Kurotora's pride is hurt and he is angry. But those feelings are soon replaced with sorrow as he later finds the dead bodies of his nephews who didn't survive the battle. He now swears that he will do all he can to kill those responsible for his nephews' death.

His revenge comes when first Genba and later on Hougen are both killed.
Kurotora stays a part of the Ou army through-out the manga.