Name: Kyoushiro Shirogane
Japanese name: 白銀 狂四郎
Sex: Male
Breed: Kishu

When Kyoushiro was a puppy, his father maltreated his mother and siblings. His father traded him and his siblings to a mastiff for a boar. Their mother didn't interfere, knowing that the puppies would die if they stayed with their father.

When they were old enough, the brothers returned. They found the skeleton of their mother, and met their father again. Kyoushiro's brothers attacked their father and they all fell off a cliff and died. Kyoushiro was now left alone and ever since, he has attacked all adult dogs that beat their puppies.

He first meets Weed when fighting an adult male who has been abusing his son, Teru. Kyoushiro joins Weed after being defeated in a fight. However, Kyoushiro has a hard time settling with Weed's rules. Several times Weed and Kyoushiro have arguments and one time Kyoushiro almost leave Weed in anger.

He joins Hougen's platoon leader, Buruge to find out more about Hougen's plans. But he is discovered by another platoon leader called Bat and gets beaten. When Kyoushiro escaped, Toube (a friend of Weed) helps him. Kyoushiro is to bring a Doberman puppy called Takashi to safety, while Toube fights off anyone who would try to stop them. Kyoushiro gets attacked during the quest and is saved by Weed's pack. After the Hougen's death, Kyoushiro stays with Weed's group.

In the Monkey arc, Kyoushiro does not participate in the fight against the Gelada general Shougun, but helps the monkey Gosaru to get back to Weed in the heat of the battle.

In the Hokkaido arc, Kyoushiro is notified of the Ou warrior, Hakuro's death in Hokkaido. He runs back to find the old Shikoku-ken, Chourou for advice. Instead of him, he meets Teru who has grown to become an adult. Kyoushiro brings him and his gang along and together, they head to Hokkaido to aid Weed in the upcoming fight against Victor.

As the fight breaks lose, the Ou soldier, Buruge dies in battle. As his last wish, he wants Kyoushiro to eat his flesh to gain strength. However, Kyoushiro does not eat his flesh, but a bit of his fur to show respect for the dead warrior.

Kyoushiro stays a part of Weed’s pack through-out the manga.