Name: Lefty
Japanese name: レフティー
Sex: Male
Breed: Tosa mix

Lefty was send together with Tomi and Roshi to rescue John, Hiro, Reika and Gin from their prison in Hougen’s base. As he sees the Ou leaders, he starts to cry.

Quickly he informs John and Gin of what has happened in Ou during their absence and about how the humans had started to shot stray dogs. The paradise had been lost, but was revoked once more by Gin's son Weed. Lefty escorts John, Reika and Hiro to safety, while Gin stays behind.

However, they don't get far and soon Matsu, one of Hougen's minions, catches up with them. In the heat of the battle, Lefty is held still by Matsu's minions and cannot fight back. Easily, Matsu walks over and kills him.