Name: Lydia
Japanese name: リディア
Sex: Female
Breed: German shepherd

Lydia is a German shepherd who originally came from Russia, where she was trained as a dog in war. She's the sister of Maxime and daughter of the elderly leader of the Russian army. Lydia follows Victor to Hokkaido and they planned to kill all dogs there to conquer the island.

She lures Jerome into an ambush where Victor defeats him. When she tries to make Jerome tell where the current ruler of the island, Hakuro is hiding, Jerome tricks her into believing that he's so seriously wounded that he cannot walk. Lydia leaves him as she feels there's no need to guard him and Jerome escapes. She keeps her loyalty towards Victor and together with him, she runs into a fight with Hakuro's pack.

After Hakuro is killed, Jerome is taken hostage once more by Victor. Lydia starts to have feelings for Jerome and together with her brother; she aids him instead of killing him. She's left behind to guard him, but gets surprised when the Kishu, Akame arrives to free Jerome. After being knocked out by him, Lydia is taken to the Ou army's hideout.

As her brother joins too, Lydia feels more secure. However, he wishes to recruit Allam to the pack as well, and Lydia fears that he might not return alive. Her fears were confirmed after the Ou army was captured in a gorge by Victor's army. Here, Allam throws down the lifeless and wounded Maxim (He's not dead, only unconscious).

Lydia fights along with the Ou army, as Victor's troops attacks. After Victor's death, Lydia says goodbye to her brother, who will travel back to Russia along with a few of the remaining soldiers of Victor's now defeated army.

She stays with Ou army and her love Jerome through-the series.