Name: Matsu
Japanese name: マツ
Sex: Male
Breed: Sibirian husky mix

Matsu is a Sibirian husky mix and a minion for Hougen. When John and Hiro escape their prison in Hougen’s base, Matsu is held responsible. He is send out to bring back the prisoners, dead or alive. Matsu quickly finds the fugitives and the fight begins.

Before Matsu manage to wound John, John bites off Matsu's ear. Matsu retreats to the back of his group and lets his minions fight John, Roshi, Lefty and Tomi alone. As the fight becomes worse, Matsu's minions bring Lefty to him. Matsu kills him by ripping out his throat.

He then retreats to the back again, waiting for Hougen to show up and finish off John.