Name: Maxim
Japanese name: マクシム
Sex: Male
Breed: German shepherd

Maxim is a German shepherd who originally came from Russia, where he was trained as a dog in war. He's the brother of Lydia and son of the elderly leader of the Russian army. Maxim is missing his left eye and has a gunshot wound above it received in a war in Russia.

Maxim follows Victor to Hokkaido and they planned to kill all dogs there to conquer the island. Together with Victor, Maxim kills Hakuro's sons Byakko and Genbu.

After Victor has taken over the island by killing Hakuro and his pack including females and puppies, Maxim seems to change sides and aids the hostage Jerome instead of killing him. He helps his sister Lydia with healing Jerome and keeps Victor from killing him. While attending to the prisoner, Maxim meets Akame whom he fights very shortly.

Afterwards when heading back to Victor, he gets surrounded by Victor's brother Bozlef's pack. After finding out who Bozlef is, he decides to take him to Victor. He is ordered by Victor to go with Allam to find the Ou army's base, but gets ambushed by Akame. Here, Maxim pretends to be wounded and runs back to Lydia to tell her of the Ou army. Maxim joins the Ou army, but still pretends to be loyal to Victor. However, his cover is blown as Victor’s troops surrounds and attacks him. He is saved by Akame and taken to the Ou army's base.

Afterwards, Maxim decided to go back and try to convince Allam to join the Ou army as well. Lydia tries to stop him, but Maxim knows that Allam would be a good support, when the final battle against Victor would arrive. Unfortunaly, Maxim gets tricked by Allam, who pretends to be willing to join the Ou army and fight Victor.  

Allam shows his true colors as he stands by to watch as Victor's minions tear Maxim to pieces. When he's on the ground, unable to fight, Allam then jumps and rips his throat. He is carried to the top of a cliff and thrown down to Gin's platoon, who has been captured by Victor. Maxim then passes out and carried to a cave by Gin's soldiers for shelter.
As Gin's group is attacked by Victor's army, Maxim appears from the cave determinate to stop Victor. The battle between them is short, as Maxim is still incapable of fighting. As Victor prepared to kill Maxim, Weed arrives with reinforcements and Maxim left for now.

Maxim participates shortly in the final battle against Victor, but leaves the tyran to Weed's mercy. Maxim witnesses his old friend, Allam change sides and fight for the Ou army to end Victor’s terror. Allan dies when he drowns together with Victor as he holds him to the bottom of the ocean.

After Victor's death, Maxim travels back to Russia with only five soldiers. As a storm breaks lose, Maxim almost drowns, but gains courage and strength from Allam's spirit which comes to aid him.
Arriving at the shores of Russia, Maxim meets his father. He tells him that Hokkaido was no place for them to live.