Name: Mel
Japanese name: メル
Sex: Male
Breed: Golden retriever

Mel is the son of Lenny. As a puppy, he is given away to a family to become their pet. Unfortunaly, the family abandons him in the woods because of his whining and cries for his mother.

Mel joins the three brothers Blue, Ned and Bell to get protection from the dangers of the wild. After meeting Weed, Mel realizes that he has been tricked and starts a fight with the three brothers. With Weed and GB's help, they defeat Ned and Bell, while Blue gets run over by a truck and killed. Mel now reunites with his mother.

However, his mother dies shortly after from illness and Mel is taken to the dog pound. The English setter Smith saves him and brings him to Weed's pack, which Mel joins. In the search for Weed's father Gin, Mel is left behind to guard the old fortress, Gajou. Here he meets the Kai-Ken Kurotora and his companions Shigure, Shoji, Dodo and Buru. Soon he finds out that the Great Dane Genba is approaching the fortress and together with Akame and Kurotora, he flees.

On Akame's order, Mel travels out to find Weed. As he goes through a village he meets the Mastiff, Moss - an old friend on Gin. Mel tries to take him back, but Moss leaves Mel to recruit even more dogs to fight Hougen. Mel then returns to find Weed and tells him everything.

Because of Mel's small size, Hougen attacks him several times during the last battle. Mel is lucky to survive and stays a loyal member of Weed's pack through-out the series.