Name: Mole
Japanese name: モール
Sex: Male
Breed: Dachshund

Mole is the son of Oliver, an old Ou warrior. He hears that Gin has been captured by Hougen and digs his way into the prison. Here he tries to get the Leader to follow him, but Gin refuses. Mole then gets attacked by Hougen's soldiers and gets badly wounded. With his last strength, he drags himself out to a highway where some humans take him in and heal his wounds.

Afterwards, Mole runs to Ou to find Weed whom Gin has told him about. Instead, Mole meets Tesshin who takes him in for care. Tesshin then takes Mole to Weed so the little dog can tell Weed about his father. They now plan how to save Gin.

When Mole again digs into Gin's prison to tell him the news about their plan, he finds out that Gin is gone. He now returns to Weed and joins the group in hope of saving the Great Leader of Ou.