Name: Moss
Japanese name: モス
Sex: Male
Breed: Mastiff

Moss meets Mel when the puppy tries to steal food from him. After finding out that Moss is an old Ou soldier, Mel quickly tells him about Gin, Weed and Hougen. Moss decides to follow Mel at once.

After awhile, Moss leaves Mel to find more dogs to help in the final battle. He returns with several dogs including an old friend, Mushashi and his own son Jaguar.

Moss doesn't get much attention in the series until the Hokkaido plot. Here, Moss is captured together with Gin's pack in a gorge. They are kept hostages by the German shepherd, Victor and his brother, Bozlef. As they try to escape, Moss fights fiercely to let the youngsters, George, Ken, Tesshin and Kagetora escape. However, as they escape Moss stays back and decide that he has to end the fight himself.

As the young dog Teru is wounded badly, Moss protects the youngster with his massive body. However, this leaves him incapable of fighting properly and his is killed by Bozlef's soldiers.