Name: Muck
Japanese name: ムック
Sex: Male
Breed: Akita mix

Muck is a pet dog in Ou. Accidently, he overhears a conversation when Daisuke comes to pet him. He understands that the humans will blow up Gajou and he runs to the mountains to tell Weed whom some stray dogs have told him about.

He has never met him and therefore he asks Kamakiri where he is. Muck, who had no idea of Kamakiri being the enemy, is beaten up. Luckily, Weed was nearby and he saves him. Muck delivers his message and goes back home.

At his home, he meets Gin who is searching for Muck's father, Bingo, who used to be a soldier of Ou. Muck first mistakes Gin for Weed, but when he realizes the mistake, he quickly tells Gin of what has happened.

He is then invited by Gin to join his army and overthrow Hougen, an invitation which Muck gladly accepts.