Name: Nero
Japanese name: ネロ
Sex: Male
Breed: Sibirian Husky

Nero is the leader of a small pack in the Northen Alps. Even though he is the boss there, he's under the reign of the Great Dane, Hougen.

One day Nero's minion GB brings home some stray puppies. That very same day, Hougen has entered to check up on Nero. When he discovers the puppies he suspect that Nero is keeping females from him and orders Nero to prove his loyalty by killing the small puppies. Terrified with fear, Nero obeys.

The English setter GB and the Shiba Sasuke stay in his pack for awhile, but decide to leave it after meeting the young puppy, Weed. A short time after the loss of his two minions, Nero meets Gin, Akame and John, but gets beaten by them. Shortly after Hougen returns and Nero tell him of Gin.

Hougen kills him afterwards for being a weakling that couldn't defeat the Ou leader.