Name: Pepe
Japanese name: ペペ
Sex: Male
Breed: Japanese Macaque

Pepe is introduced when Weed arrives to the South of Japan. He is being attacked by the dog Kazuma and other of Yukimura's troops, but GB saves him. He is taken back by the monkey clan during an assault on Weed's pack.

He tries to return to Weed, but is stopped by Gosaru. He escapes and follows Weed to Yukimura's hideout. Here he is putted in a small hole with some puppies who tries to kill him. He is saved by Jerome and Weed, but shortly after taken by the Gelada general, Shougun's soldiers.

He is brought to Shougun as food and only escapes by hiding in a small hole in Shougun's hideout. He is saved by Weed and tries to steal Shougun’s axe during the final fight. He doesn't succeed and gets carried to safety by Weed.