Name: Saheiji
Japanese name: 佐平治
Sex: Male
Breed: Unknown

Saheiji is the leader of a local pack in the South of Japan. He takes care of Weed's siblings Joe and Yukimura and raises them as his own, when their mother Sakura gets too weak to hunt. However, the puppies get attacked by some monkeys and when Saheiji tries to save them, he get so wounded that he loses the movement in his entire lower body.

He meets Weed when Yukimura brings him to their hideout. He convinces Yukimura to go and help Weed in the fight against Shougun. Shortly after, he meets Gin who asks for directions. He tells him of Sakura, Joe, Yukimura and Weed. He is carried by Hiro to the battle ground where she sees Yukimura, his beloved foster son, die from the injuries he'd recieved in the battle with Shougun.

After Yukimura's death, Saheiji tells Weed that Yukimura was his brother and that Yukimura knew that Weed was his. Yukimura was trying to protect Weed by trying to fight him off, as he didn't want Weed to get caught up in the final and deadly battle with Shougun.