Name: Sakura
Japanese name:
Sex: Female
Breed: Kishu mix

Sakura is Gin's mate and the mother of Weed, Yukimura and Joe. She met Gin in the woods, trapped in a snare. When she first meets Gin, she thinks of him as a wild and dangerous dog and bites him in self-defense. After being released from the snare by Akame, Gin takes her back to her owner. However, Sakura can’t stop thinking about Gin and decides to leave her owner to live with Gin forever.

For a time, she lived with Gin in the area of Ou, but she was brought to the Northern Alps by Teri's (a mastiff that died in Nagareboshi Gin) wife Lucy. Lucy tells Sakura that Gin has been killed in the mountains and that there's no reason for her to stay in Ou.

After giving birth to three healthy puppies, a dog named Saheiji arrives to take two of the puppies (Joe and Yukimura) for protection. Sakura is left with only Weed to care for. She dies shortly after with illness.

As her last wish, she asks the English Setter GB to take her last son to his father Gin, the legendary leader of Ou.

Sakura appears several times through the manga as a ghost, who leads Weed on the right track when needed.