Name: Sasuke
Japanese name: 佐助
Sex: Male
Breed: Shiba inu

Sasuke was under Nero's command when he met Weed. He joins Weed and GB for awhile until they reach a camping ground where Sasuke's old human family used to camp every summer.

Sasuke is reunited with his family, but he makes a short attempt to escape when he sees Gin, thinking it might be Weed. He tells Gin about Weed and is then "captured" by his owner again. Afterwards, Sasuke meets Hougen's minions in town, where they are rounding up soldiers. Before he leaves his family to follow Hougen's minions in the hope of gathering information for Weed, he meets Hook share the same intrest. Together, they follow Hougen's soldiers.

Sasuke becomes witness to John's death and joins Weed's group once more to participate in the final battle to bring Hougen down.

In the Monkey arc, when Weed's group enters the South, Sasuke is with GB and Kyoushiro out looking for food. Sasuke gets captured by the monkey leader Shougun's soldiers and taken to their leader as a sacrifice. Before they reach Shougun, he is saved by Yukimura.

Sasuke has a hard time finding his way back to his friends and gets lost. Exhausted, he drags himself out to a road where a car stops. He here meets the beautiful female Chako. Her owner takes him in for care, but before the owner has healed him, Sasuke escapes. He runs to Ou to tell Gin about the trouble in the South.

After the final battle against Shougun, Sasuke returns and falls in love with Chako. He tries to convince her that he is brave and strong – a true soldier. Unfortunaly, Chako sees through him as the coward he is and doesn't share his affections.