Name: Shigure
Japanese name: 時雨
Sex: Male
Breed: Kai-ken

Shigure is the son of Chutora. He has three brothers named Dodo, Shouji and Buru. He is the youngest of them.

Together with his brothers, he is ordered to defend the fortress Gajou from the Great Dane, Genba. As the enemy approaches, he realizes that they might not make it since Genba has many soldiers. However, Shigure and his brothers are not ready to give up and fight fiercely.

His brother Shouji tells him to run to Mutsu to get reinforcements if they should lose the fight. As Shigure realizes that the battle is lost, he tries to flee but gets stopped by Genba. Shouji jumps at Genba to save his brother's life. Shigure then flees with the sound of his brothers’ death cries in his ears.

He enters Mutsu and meets Kisaragi's sons, Shinsaku, Shintarou, Shirosaku, Kogoro, Kichinosuke and Izou. With Kisaragi's permission, he then travels back to Ou with the new reinforcements to reunite with Weed's pack.