Name: Shingo
Japanese name: N/A
Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed breed

Shingo used to be a pet dog, but was abandoned in the Northern Alps. One day, he smelled what he thought was food, but it was really a kennel. In here, there were about twenty dogs, including the two Great Danes, Hougen and Genba. The dogs had been left alone without food or water. Shingo tried to open the door, but it was heavily locked.

One day he heard a terrible scream and crept closer. Hougen had killed a dog inside and wanted to test a myth, exclaiming that it should be damaging to eat one's own kind. He used the other starving dogs as test object. Shingo didn't leave the surroundings until Hougen and Genba killed and ate their own owner.

Shingo now ran, but was captured by Kamakiri's pack shortly after. In the pack he meets Kelly and they both escape during an attack. Together with Kelly, he follows the river for safety reasons. While following the river, he suddenly see Hougen's banished platoon leader, Toube. He cannot save him alone, so he send Kelly to Weed's pack for aid.

After saving Toube, he's taken back to Weed's base, where he tells the story of Hougen's past.