Name: Susaku
Japanese name: 朱雀
Sex: Male
Breed: Siberian husky

Susaku is the son of Hakuro. He has three brothers named Genbu, Byakko and Seiriyuu.

Together with his brothers, Susaku discovers the German shepherd, Jerome when he enters Hokkaido. They take him to their father, where they discuss the threat of the Russian invader, Victor who has entered Hokkaido as well. Shortly after Jerome has left, Susaku and his brothers bump into him again. This time, Jerome is seriously wounded after a fight with Victor. Susaku takes Jerome to the Collie, Ram, where he can stay in safety until his wounds has healed.

Susaku then return to their father to plan an attack on Victor's pack to remove him from their island. However, Susaku is not to participate. Hakuro orders him to go to Ou to get assistance from his old friend, Gin. As Susaku complete the quest, he leaves his four young sons and mate, Hiromi, with the old Mutsu general, Kisaragi.

When Susaku and Gin's troops reach the borders of Hokkaido, Susaku meets the Ram once more, who tells him of the slaughter of his father and brothers. Together with Gin, he attacks Victor, but has to retreat when Victor's reinforcements arrive.
Susaku develops a strong hate for the Russian invaders and as Maxim, a former platoon leader in Victor's group, joins the Ou army, he attacks him in fury to revenge his brothers' death. However, he soon stops the attack and accepts Maxim in the pack.

After Victor's death and the retreat of the Russian army, Susaku promised Weed that he and his family would revive Hokkaido.