Name: Teru
Japanese name: テル
Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed breed

Teru had a hard upbringing. He was beaten by his father all the time for small matters. One day when his father accuses him for stealing food, the Kishu, Kyoushiro comes to aid and rescues him.

He then joins Kyoushiro's pack. When Teru get taken hostage by the two assassins Lecter and Thunder, Teru's father attacks the assassins to defend him and thereby proves his love. Teru forgives his father just before he passes away from his wounds.
As a member of Kyoushiro's pack, he was free to leave if he pleased. But as Kyoushiro joined the Ou army under Weed, so did Teru.

It doesn't take long before Teru is in trouble again. He gets attacked by Kamakiri and left behind when Weed's pack has to escape. The police dog, Ron comes to save him and carries him back to Weed's pack.
As Weed's group prepares for the final battle against Hougen, Teru is left along with the other very young members of the pack in the care of the old Koga dog, Chourou. He grows to become a strong fighter and learns the old tricks of the koga ninja dogs together with his friends.

In the Hokkaido arc, Kyoushiro comes back to find Chourou. Teru and Kyoushiro bump into each other, but instead of the small puppy they left behind, Teru has grown to be a strong Ninja dog. Kyoushiro brings him and his gang along and together, they head to Hokkaido to aid Weed in the upcoming fight against Victor. They meet up with Gin's army and prepare to attack the Russian invaders.

As Gin's army gets captured in a gorge, Victor's troops attack. Victor tries to attack Gin, but Teru jumps in front to shield him with his body. He gets severely wounded and is incapable of continuing the fight.

After the battle, Teru is treated for his wounds by Gin's old owner, Daisuke and the doctor, Hidetoshi. After a couple of days, he is released again into the wild, where he reunites with the Ou army.