Name: Tesshin
Japanese name: 哲心
Sex: Male
Breed: Shikoku-ken

Tesshin is the son of the legendary leader of the Koga dogs, Kurojaki. He was named Chibi, but changed his name for unknown reason. Before the birth of Weed, Tesshin was named the heir of Ou and was taught the swiftness of Akame, the strength of John and the leader’s deadly attack the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga.

At first, Tesshin stayed in Ou and followed Gin's pack, but after a while he went back to his home near the Koga territory. Here he becomes the leader of the Koga dogs that are left. One day Tesshin meets Weed and he get his soldiers to kidnap him to his underground hideout. Here Tesshin can command his soldiers safely. After a fight with Weed and Jerome, Tesshin decides to help Weed and joins his pack.

He teaches Weed the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga and train Weed's pack. However, Tesshin has to return to the Koga territory to take care of the eldest Koga dog, Chourou. After Chourou finally has accepted Weed, Tesshin joins the pack for good. He fights the tyran Hougen's brother Genba and gives him a brain damage.

In the final battle against Hougen, Tesshin fights him. When he is about to kill him, Sniper interrupts and cuts Tesshin's stomach open. He gets healed by Akame and Gin, who puch his guts back inside and close the wound. Tesshin is then left with Moss and Mel who stays in the cold terrain to keep Tesshin warm. After Hougen's death, Tesshin stays with the Ou army.

In the Hokkaido arc, Tesshin works as a spy for Gin's army to find out what Victor is up to. He also participates in several battles against Victor's Russian army.