Name: Tobizaru
Japanese name: 飛猿
Sex: Male
Breed: Japanese Macaque

A long time ago, Tobizaru was captured by dogs and nearly killed when the Gelada general, Shougun came to his aid. Shougun killed all the dogs and Tobizaru joined him.

Before, he used to be a member of Gosaru's rebellion pack. He betrays them and tries to capture the ape baby Pepe to bring him as food for Shougun. Tobizaru fight Gosaru, Weed and Jerome, but in the middle of the battle he cheats. He brings out a scythe and stabs Gosaru. He then takes Pepe and escapes.

When Jerome and Ishizaru comes to fight him, Tobizaru get scared and call for Shougun to aid him. While Shougun fights Yukimura's and Weed's groups, Tobizaru finds Shougun's axe and runs after Shougun to give it to him. He crawls down a cliff from which Shougun is hanging to give him the axe.

This was a fatal mistake as Shougun killed Tobizaru after being given the axe. Shougun swings the axe and bury in in Tobizaru's side. Tobizaru graps the axe and tries to make Shougun let go. As Shougun releases the axe, Tobizaru falls and crash to the grown below, getting crushed at once.