Name: Toube
Japanese name: 闘兵衛
Sex: Male
Breed: Tosa

Earlier on Toube was a fighting dog in Shikoku. He fought the famous tosa, Mushashi and won. Afterwards, Toube couldn't find satisfaction no matter how many dogs he fought. So he ran off to join Hougen in the hope of being the one to defeat the leader of Ou, Gin. He joins Hougen along with the fighters Bat, Buruge, Kite, Kintaro, Jaw and Miruko.

He quickly gets a high status as he shows Hougen what he is made of. Toube's companionship with Hougen becomes brief as he fails to protect Hougen's brother Genba during a fight with Weed's pack. Hougen punish Toube but ripping out his eye and wound him badly. He throws Toube into a river and leaves him to die. However, Toube is rescued by Weed's pack and decides to join them instead.

He decides to go back to get revenge on Hougen. Toube bumps into Kamakiri who brings him back to Hougen's fortress. Here Hougen gives him another chance, not suspecting that Toube want to kill him. Toube saves the puppy Takeshi, but gets discovered by Kamakiri who follows him. Toube gives Takeshi to Kyoushiro and tells him to run. He stays himself and face the fury of Kamakiri's platoon. He fights long but gets so wounded that he cannot stand up. Weed's pack comes to the aid, but too late.

Toube don't want to die lying down, so all Weed and his pack can do is support him to stay on his legs. The next morning Toube has frozen to death