Name: Weed
Japanese name: ウィード
Sex: Male
Breed: Akita inu / Kishu mix

Weed was born in the Northern Alps and is borther to Yukimura and Joe. When Weed's mother, Sakura, died of illness, he joined the English Setter, GB and started a journey towards the Ou mountains to find his father Gin, the great Leader of Ou.

When Weed arrives to Ou he's first challenge was to defeat the beast Kaibutsu, who is terrorizing his father's lands. The fight tests Weed skills and awaken the bear hound blood he has inherited from his father. He meets the German shepherd Jerome, an assasin dog trained to kill Kaibutsu, and they become great friends.

After the death of Kaibutsu, meets the Kishu Akame. Akame tells Weed of his father, who has been captured and is held prisoner by Hougen. Weed now starts his journey to find more dogs that can help him defeat Hougen and his soldiers. On the way, he meets many new friends, but also many new and old enemies.

In the final battle against Hougen, Weed finally meets his father Gin. Weed fights Hougen but gets wounded badly. Just as he is about to give up, he gets help from the spirits of the dead soldiers of Ou. Weed then makes his final attack, the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga towards Hougen. He doesn't kill Hougen, but shows mercy and lets him crawl away (Hougen then gets killed by the police man, Shouji Sudou.).

In the Monkey arc, he travels to the South of Japan to solve a case of dogs in trouble. His pack gets attacked by some monkeys and lightly wounded. They are found by the Weed's brother, Yukimura who takes them to the local pack leader, Saheiji. Weed decides to help Saheiji's pack in the fight against the Gelada general Shougun, who's the cause of all the trouble in the area. He and Yukimura gather their forces and attack Shougun. They win the fight, but Weed's lose his brother, as he dies from his injuries from the battle.

Weed returns to Ou, where he meets a female named Koyuki. He quickly falls in love with her and together they enjoy the springtime. However, Koyuki's owner wish to use her as a breeding dog and Koyuki is send away. Weed follows her ad free her from her cage. He takes Koyuki back to the Northern Alps where he was born and they visit his mother, Sakura's grave.

Shortly after, Rocket arrives and tells Weed of the Russian invaders in Hokkaido. They are lead by a male named Victor, who has killed the old Ou warrior Hakuro and is holding Weed's friend Jerome captivated. However, Weed doesn't want to leave Koyuki and doesn't take action until Kotetsu and GB appears. Weed now leaves Koyuki in care of Kotetsu, while he and GB travel to Hokkaido to aid Jerome and help Weed’s father Gin.

He travels far and wide to gather comrades to aid the Ou army against Victor. As the group enters Hokkaido, they arrive just in time to save Gin's troops from certain death as Victor is attacking them.

Victor escapes, and Weed's troops follows him to the ocean. Here, Victor has laid a false trail leading into the sea. The Ou army enters the sea to search for him and at once, Victor orders his troops to ambush Weed's troops from the beach.
After a short fight, Victor once more tries to fool Weed, by pretending that he takes his army back to Russia by walking the sea bottom. As he tries to get back on shore, Weed waits for him and the final battle begins. It moves from the shore to the sea and back to the shore again.

Weed uses the  Zetsu Tenrou Battouga on Victor who gets seriously wounded and tries to escape to the sea. Weed follows to find Victor to finish him once and for all. However, Victor's platoon leader, Allam, who now has joined the Ou army, stops Weed and finds Victor himself. He catches up, drags Victor under water and wraps Victor's legs into seaweed. They both drown on the bottom of the ocean.

In the Hybrid bear arc, Weed travels towards the south to reunite with Koyuki and Kotetsu. Here, he meets his presumed dead brother, Joe and they reunite. However, Joe does not want to come with him to meet their father as he resent him for leaving Sakura alone in the Northern Alps so long ago.

Weed follows Joe as he and his pack mates go hunt for a large bear. He saves Joe's owner as he trips and almost fall down a gorge. After helping his brother who got wounded in the hunt, Weed goes back to find Kotetsu and Koyuki. As he enters, he finds Liger, Lydia and Jerome in fight with the Hybrid Grizzly bear. Weed leaps through the air and cuts off three toes from the bear's paw.

Soon, Weed also reunites with GB, Sasuke, Rocket and Kyoushiro who have come to check on him. Together, they organize forces to defeat the bears. After killing off first the Hybrid Polar bear and the Hybrid Grizzly bear, Weed and his group stands in front of their largest challenge to date: The monstrous Hybrid bear. As the final battle begins, many of Weed's friends are wounded by the bear. Weed lures the bear to a cliff side, where there's a river and a dam below. Together with his pack, he pushes the bear off the edge twice. However, the monster bear keeps climbing back up and wound even more of the dogs.

Weed's godfather and friend, GB, sacrifices his life to safe Weed as the bear tries to crush him. Blinded by hatred and consumed by the wish of revenge, Weed arranges with Jerome and Joe a final attack on the monster. They hold the bear's head as Weed perform the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, cutting his way to the bear’s skull with his teeth. The bear, Jerome and Weed all fall into the roaring river below.

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