Name: Yamamoto Kansuke
Japanese name: 山本勘助
Sex: Male
Profession: Soldier/messenger

Yamamoto Kansuke was a subordinate of Takeda Shingen. He's blinded on one eye and uses a staff to support his leg. His main function is being a messenger between Gama and his allies. After a visit at Takeda Shingen's base, he returns to Gama to give the order to kill all the ganins of Kagero.

Here he meets general Hayabusa who greets him as he enters Gama's area. He leads him on the way. After Yamamoto has told the news to Gama, Hayabusa enters and uncovers that Gama is not a human warlord, but a ganin.
Yamamoto is killed by Gamu’s ganins when he's on his way back to Takeda Shingen.

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